Tips For Creating Contrast Within Your Kitchen Cabinets

When remodelling your kitchen, you might consider contrasting the colours of the cabinets and counter or the cupboards and splashback. Variation adds interest and depth to a decor, preventing it from looking flat and dull. However, there is no need to reserve this technique for separate components. Why not instil contrast across the cabinetry itself? Here is how to go about it.  Upper And Lower Cabinets The cupboards monopolise a large area in the kitchen on the upper and lower walls.

3 Ways to Bring More Natural Light Into a Small Kitchen

If you’re renovating a small kitchen, then you may be keen to make the room brighter than it currently is. Small and dark kitchens aren’t usually fun to work in. While you know that you can use artificial light to brighten things up, you may want to get as much natural light into the room first before you decide how to layout your lighting. How can you make a small kitchen lighter?