Considerations When Choosing A Dark-Coloured Stone Kitchen Countertop

If you've decided to install a stone kitchen countertop, an important decision is whether to choose a light or dark-coloured slab. Here are several considerations to bear in mind when picking one or the other.

Aesthetic Reflections

Light and dark colours on the benchtop can alter the kitchen's ambience, and you need to decide what look you're after. Dark stone countertops have an air of sophistication and elegance and can add richness to the decor. Dark colours can also look cosier and more intimate.

A deeper-toned rock works well in a kitchen with large windows that fill the room with natural light. If your kitchen is relatively dim or compact, a dark countertop can look gloomy and make the room appear confined. However, pale-coloured cabinetry and walls in a kitchen will open up the space, and a dark countertop can then add a dramatic counterpoint.

Variety of Rocks and Colours

Even though you may have decided to choose a dark stone slab, you still have plenty of choices, as various types of rocks offer dark versions. For example, while marble comes in light tones, it offers many other alternatives, such as black, dark grey and deep green. You can also select the type of pattern you want. Black marble, for example, can feature striking gold flecks or be relatively uniform. A beautiful option is dark green marble with white veins.

Granite also offers a mixture of dark hues and patterns. It comes in black, dark grey, brown and deep green. Granite can show veining patterns but also has many speckled and mottled designs, and it offers a variety of warm, dark browns for a cosy feeling.

Soapstone is another type of rock available in dark hues, such as charcoal, green and grey. Soapstone can have a slightly chalky look, and its matte finish gives it a rustic ambience. This rock also features distinct veining patterns that are similar to marble.

Practical Advantages

Dark stone kitchen benchtops are practical in the sense that they hide any stains that may accumulate over the years better than light-coloured rocks. Additionally, any slight damage will be disguised by mottled and veined patterns and not stand out as clearly as on a uniform surface. With respect to granite, darker slabs can also be harder and more resilient than lighter-coloured slabs.

Reach out to a contractor in your area to learn more about stone kitchen benchtops