Elements To Consider In A Traditional Kitchen Remodel

If your home is traditionally styled, you'll want to renovate the kitchen to be complementary. Here are several classic elements that will help you achieve this.

Contoured Cabinets

Traditional custom kitchens evoke a homey feel, and they have a touch of luxury as well. To create this aesthetic, choose cabinetry with curves and details rather than a minimal design with clean lines. You could install ornately carved cupboard doors or opt for shaker-styled designs with four raised wood panels forming a border around a recessed centre. Shaker cabinets are more subtle and will help prevent a compact kitchen from appearing too cluttered.

Dark cabinets can look luxurious, but if you want your kitchen to appear spacious, ivory doors will reflect light. You can fit decorative handles as the final accessory instead of leaving them out altogether, which is a more modern look. To add glittering detail to the upper cabinets, fit several of them with glass fronts that catch the light.

Stone Countertop

Another component of a traditional kitchen is a stone countertop. You could choose a striking marble benchtop with strong veining or a warmly speckled piece of granite instead. If you're concerned about the counters' durability and the upkeep required, granite is especially hardy, particularly in darker colours. This stone doesn't scratch or etch as easily as marble. Alternatively, you could install a travertine counter, which comes in shades such as pink and beige. Dark soapstone is another option if you want to add drama.

Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors help give a sophisticated look to a traditional kitchen. The richness of the timber will make your kitchen warm and comfortable as well. However, these floors do need regular maintenance. Buffing and resealing the floorboards every few years will help them resist moisture and make them less inclined to expand and contract. You can always re-sand the floor, which is a more involved operation if it gets significant scratches. When you're installing a hardwood floor, have it finished on site, as the sealant will protect the gaps between each plank. If you lay pre-sealed boards, the flooring won't be as well protected.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is another feature to consider including in a traditional space. They're in a prime central position to show off the elegance of the cabinetry and benchtop. Make sure to include a recessed space where you can set up some exquisitely carved seats to enhance the ambience. And you can finish off the design with some old-world pendant lights overhead.