Two things you can do to ensure you're satisfied with your office fit-out

If your office is about to be remodelled, here are some tips to ensure you're fully satisfied with the outcome of your office fit-out.

Ensure the contractor designs a layout that makes it easy for staff to walk around the office

When the contractor who is remodelling the office is designing its new layout, you should ensure that the design they develop will allow the office staff to walk around the space very easily. For example, if possible, given the size of your office, you should try to ensure that there are reasonably wide aisles on either side of each row of office desks and between any wall-attached filing cabinets or shelves, and the desks across from them. During your office's busiest times, this should allow for the quick and unobstructed movement of staff throughout the office and should reduce the number of on-foot 'traffic jams' that occur, that involve staff members being unable to squeeze past desks or past each other as a result of a lack of open floor space.

It will also mean that if any of your staff need to transport large piles of paperwork on wheeled office trolleys, they can get past the desks and filing cabinets, without scraping their trolleys against the desks or potentially running over the outstretched feet of their co-workers.

Get a mixture of floor-mounted and wheeled partitions

Contractors who routinely do office fit-outs often advise office owners to install partitions, as the use of partitions is a very affordable way to create individual 'rooms' that can give staff members some privacy whilst they're having client meetings or doing confidential work, without having to construct actual rooms with full-sized interior walls.

If you take this advice, you should order a mixture of floor-mounted and wheeled partitions. The former are usually pricier than the latter and will need to be secured to the floor by the contractor; however, they are ideal for areas of the office where you require permanent, semi-private 'rooms' and they look a bit more professional than the latter.

However, wheeled partitions that you can move around can also come in handy for impromptu meetings where staff or clients may need a bit of privacy, and the main permanent partitioned areas are occupied. These types of partitions are also usually foldable, meaning that when they're not needed, they won't take up office space, as your staff can fold them up and put them in one of the premises' storage rooms.

For more information on office fit-outs, contact a professional near you.