Ideas for Remodelling a Custom Kitchen

If you're remodelling your kitchen with custom cabinets, you don't have to stick to cookie-cutter designs simply for the sake of it. You can design a beautiful room just as you want it. Here are some custom kitchen design ideas to get you started.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island offers numerous advantages. It creates a subtle boundary between the cooking and dining areas while still retaining an airy atmosphere in an open-plan kitchen. It also provides additional storage and bench space. Plus, an island can help establish a more efficient work triangle between the sink, cooktop, and fridge. It does this by providing more locations for a sink or a cooker.

You can also place seating around the island to create a meeting place or breakfast bar. Additionally, a kitchen island allows you to establish a beautiful focal point in the room. For example, you could cover the island with a beautiful marble or granite countertop and use a more cost-effective laminate on the remaining bench spaces. You can also highlight the island with colour. For example, you might install deep blue cabinetry on the island and fit pale grey cupboards for the other storage. Because the island covers a specific area, you can decorate it with bold colours and textures that would be too overwhelming if they covered the entire kitchen.


Drawers are more efficient than cupboards when it comes to storage. They make greater use of vertical space, which is typically wasted in a one-shelf cupboard. You can customise the capacity by installing drawers of various depths. Deep drawers, for example, can accommodate pots and pans, whereas shallow drawers can hold mugs and crockery. If you install custom-designed joinery, the drawers will have quality runners to handle a heavy load without breaking apart. Increase the total storage capacity of your new kitchen by installing as many drawers as is feasible.

Eliminate Upper Cabinets

You might assume that upper cabinetry across multiple walls is necessary in a custom kitchen design. However, you may have enough storage in under-counter drawers, cabinets, and a pantry. In such situations, you can do away with the upper cabinets entirely. This will create a light, airy environment in the kitchen and make it look larger. Alternatively, you might construct floor-to-ceiling cabinetry on one wall alone, with no higher cabinets on the other walls. Leaving the top cabinets out and focusing storage on one side alone might save you money during the renovation, allowing you to spend more on other things.