Should You Hire Joiners or Carpenters for Your Remodeling Project? Top Considerations to Guide Your Decision

A majority of people mistake carpentry for joinery, yet significant differences exist between them. Carpentry deals with general woodworking while joinery is more diverse, and it incorporates skilled and specialised expertise to enhance the style and feel of residential or commercial spaces. Read on to learn how you can make a wise choice when considering joinery or carpentry services.

Scope of Work and Expertise

While carpenters handle small-scale woodwork projects and perform direct fixes onsite, joiners take it even further. They deal with off-site construction of timber, including joining wood and timber products in the workshop. 

Project owners often hire joiners to design and install structural frameworks, including window frames, beams and staircases, etc. On the contrary, carpenters may be useful when repairing such fixtures in remodelling projects. Whether you'll hire a carpenter or joiner to repair and install certain fixtures, always insist on high-quality services.

Experience Is Key for Joinery Services

Experience defines the expert's ability, artistry, number of years served, and industrial specialisation range. Always peruse through reviews to assess the joiner's previous work and what others say about their service. That way, you'll quickly determine whether they are up to the task. 

Besides, assess their qualifications, which can guarantee the quality of woodwork to expect. It's crucial to try different joiners and carpenters. All professional joiners possess different levels of experience, and it'll be wise to find out about their areas of specialisation. For instance, a joiner may specialise in staircases, cabinets, kitchen fittings or sash windows, etc. 

Joinery Speed vs. Efficiency

A joinery project can be highly frustrating if it drags to completion. As such, consider choosing joiners with a clean reputation and timely project completion record. While efficiency is paramount, speed shouldn't cost the quality of your project. Therefore, have a candid conversation with your joiner and discuss the project requirements and expected timeframes. 

The Relationship Between Carpenters and Joiners

Generally, you'll find carpenters and joiners working jointly on notable construction or renovation projects. Besides, they are likely to use similar equipment, tools and materials. Both undergo basic carpentry and joinery training before taking different career paths. 

Please take note that, while a joiner can design a stunning, bespoke staircase, it's likely the carpenter who'll eventually fit it perfectly and ensure it's secure. 


Having these tips in mind ensures you make the right choice when choosing a joiner or carpenter for your remodelling project. As a result, your residential or commercial property receives high-quality joinery and long-lasting carpentry work.

Reach out to a local joinery service for more information.