4 Reasons to Extend Your Kitchen Cabinets to Meet the Ceiling

If your kitchen cabinets don't meet the ceiling, you should really think about extending them when you renovate the room. This might seem like a minor change, but it comes with several advantages. Here are just four reasons to consider extending your cabinets as part of your kitchen renovations:

1. Maximize Storage Space

People are always looking to increase storage space in their kitchen and eliminate dead space. By extending their cabinets up to the ceiling, they kill two birds with one stone. The area above your cabinets is often put to no use at all. If there's more than a few inches between top of cabinet and ceiling, that means you're losing a lot of potential storage space. Extend those cabinets and you could have room for an extra shelf or two.

2. Conceal Your Unsightly Clutter

You might be thinking that you already stack items on top of your cabinets to improve storage; if your cabinets aren't too far from the ceiling, you probably couldn't fit much more up there. However, you should still upgrade those cabinets. After all, we use cabinets to conceal, not just store. With everything from extra plates to larger appliances lining the top of your cabinets, your kitchen can look a little cluttered even though everything is where it's meant to be. Extending your cabinets upward can hide all that clutter.

3. Eliminate Dust Traps and Make Cleaning Easier

It's incredible just how fast dust is able to collect on top off kitchen cabinets, but it makes sense since those areas are rarely disturbed. Of course, it's not like anyone is going to see the tops of your cabinets, so having too much dust up there is only really a problem if you suffer from allergies. Even so, you'll need to clean them once in a while, which can be tricky and dangerous given their height off the floor. When you extend your cabinets up to the ceiling, you eliminate a surface upon which dust can collect.

4. Create a More Seamless Appearance

Even if you don't mind cleaning and don't need any extra storage, you should still think about extending your cabinets simply to make your kitchen look better. Without a gap between ceiling and the top of your cabinets, your kitchen's walls will appear more seamless and there won't be any shadowed patches. Better yet, extending your cabinets to meet the ceiling makes full visual use of the space, making your kitchen look taller and more open.