Tips to Having Your Bathroom Renovation Done Right

A perfectly executed bathroom renovation can deliver the most significant aesthetic impact to your property. By selecting the right contractors and having a solid plan in place, you can transform a water-damaged, decrepit space into a spa-like haven right in the middle of your home! Nonetheless, since bathroom renovations can be quite involving, it is also easy for some people to become overwhelmed and making the wrong choices under the assumption that the more they put into the renovation, the better the returns. What you should note is that focusing on key areas will go a long way in making sure that your remodel is a success. So what are some of the tips to employ that will ensure your renovation is done right? 

Tip 1: Never overlook pipework that is antiquated

When most homeowners are engaging in bathroom renovations, they tend to glaze over their plumbing hardware under the mistaken assumption that, as long as it is still functioning, it does not need to be tampered with. However, if your property is retrofitted with old and outdated pipes, it is only a matter of time before you will be faced with severe plumbing problems. Properties with galvanised iron plumbing are at the most risk of plumbing emergencies as this material is vulnerable to corrosion, pipe leaks and even eventual bursts. Not to mention the sediment that these pipes pass along to other plumbing hardware in your home. Before tackling your bathroom renovation, have your contractors replace all piping that is antiquated.

Tip 2: Leave pipework in its original location

Just because you are having your plumbing hardware replaced does not mean that you have to switch the positioning of the piping too. Some homeowners may want to incorporate drastic changes to their renovation, for example, changing the position of the toilet, moving a sink from one wall to another and so on. Replacing pipework may be labour intensive, but switching up the layout of your pipework would mean additional man-hours that can dramatically inflate the budget of your remodel. Not to mention that relocating pipework more often than not means having to waterproof the bathroom all over again, and this will extend the time it takes to complete the project.

Tip 3: Try to create floor space

An element of bathroom renovations that can add significant value to the room is increasing the floor space. However, this does not necessarily mean knocking down walls. A simple way to create more floor space is by opting for a wall mounted sink rather than the freestanding variety. Secondly, recessing the toilet cistern may be a bit costly, but it would free up space while adding a modern touch to the bathroom.