Green Renovations for Your New Home

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in homeowners looking to reduce the carbon footprint of their homes. As people are becoming more aware of the severity of global warming, there has been an upsurge in green and energy efficient building. However, if you did not have the chance to construct your residence from the ground up, this does not mean that you have to settle for a high-energy consumption home. The following are some of the green renovations you can embark on if you have bought a new home.

Eco-friendly insulation

Insulation installation would be a great way to start making your new home energy efficient. However, instead of using regular insulation option, you should opt for eco-conscious alternatives such as mineral wool insulation, cellulose insulation and recycled denim insulation. Strategic placement of your insulation can make a significant difference in your home's energy consumption. Firstly, decreased thermal gain your residence translates into reduced dependence on artificial cooling. Secondly, decreased thermal loss will mean less reliance on your heating systems. Thus, not only would the insulation materials be safe for the environment, but they will inadvertently decrease your carbon footprint too.

Enhanced water efficiency

Another green renovation project you could choose to embark on would be incorporating systems that would make your home water efficient. Various parts of Australia are drought stricken, making water conservation a pertinent for many households. Luckily, there are some ways that you could conserve your water supply without compromising on your usage. For instance, you could opt to install aerators in all the faucets of your home. These aerators will increase the bubbles in your water, so you use less water but do not experience decreased pressure. You could also install rain harvesting systems and storage tanks that will provide you with an additional source of water.

Alternative timber supplies

If you are looking to change flooring, cabinetry and more in your new home, you should gravitate toward alternative timber supplies. These are considered green building supplies as they are not derived from natural resources, but they still look quite similar to wood products. One of the modern alternative timber supplies that would be functional and aesthetically appealing is engineered timber. Engineered timber comprises resins, plastics and recycled timber products. It is highly water resistant, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. The engineered timber is also considerably easier to maintain when compared to natural timber.  If you would prefer organic building supplies, cork and bamboo are also great flooring solutions.