4 Great Reasons to Consider a Digital Shower

Whether you're putting together a new bathroom or simply doing a bathroom renovation, the shower is always going to be one of the most important things to think about, and few types are as desirable as the digital shower. These use a wireless control system to blend the hot and cold water supplies according to the exact temperature you select on a digital dial, and they come with plenty of compelling advantages.

Here are just four.

1. Comfort and Convenience

It probably goes without saying that comfort and convenience are two of the most common reasons people invest in digital showers. In fact, further benefits are often seen more as added perks. With a digital shower, all the guesswork is taken out of finding the right temperature. Instead of turning a knob or tap this way and that, you simple set your preferred temperature and the shower will do the rest. Most digital showers even let you pre-programme your preferred temperature, while others feature wireless or Bluetooth systems that let you switch on the shower to have water temperature perfect when you get inside.

2. Safety

Comfort is obviously a key selling point, but don't disregard the safety benefits that come with digital showers. For one thing, there's no danger of accidently cranking the temperature up too high because you'll be able to see exactly what temperature you're setting. Additionally, nearly all digital showers come with thermostatic temperature stability. If cold water pressure should drop, the shower will instantly stop the flow of hot water – as a result, you won't get scalded.

3. Compatibility

People often decide what kind of shower they'd like without considering whether their hot water system can even handle it. Power showers, for example, do not work with all types of water system. In contrast, a digital shower is extremely compatible. As long as you have either a boiler or immersion heater, which you almost certainly do, you'll be fine to buy a digital shower.

4. Price Range

Yes, digital showers can be quite pricey, but you'll probably be able to pick one up for a lot less than you'd think thanks to a very strong array of prices. If you want the fanciest new digital shower that boasts the latest features and the most impressive brand name, you can indeed expect to pay quite a lot, which is fine if you're willing to spend it. If you're not as fussed about the latest features or brand names, you'll be able to pick up a digital shower at a relatively low price.